Sounds like she doesn’t know, which he’s assuming to be a good sign. He relaxes slightly, but he’s still uncomfortable with her being in his space. This apartment is the only place in the city he considers safe. Having someone enter without permission has spooked him.

"Everyone in Gotham City is bad people. That’s not exactly news.”

He’s not sure if he quite caught the look on her face shift, not when the lightning turned her into a silhouette for a moment, but… he’s beginning to have his suspicions. Maybe.

"Every human is bad. …Most of them. But the worst seem to be here," Aisling agrees. "So it’s extra stupid for you to not have weapons here. Or do you have to be? Are you one of the worst? And you’re being watched and defenseless because of it?” 

She honestly doubts it, but she wants to get a rise out of him.

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How am I doing with my character? Tell me in the askbox, and I’ll publish it without comment.
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in the forest
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